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Vincent Karamanov - Bassoon


Your name: Vincent Todor Karamanov


Your instrument/position in the orchestra: Interim principal bassoon


How old were you when you started playing your instrument?

I was 11 years old, in the 6th grade. I switched from playing the flute because I felt awkward being the only boy playing flute and the bassoon looked so unique and different. Coincidentally, nobody else wanted to do it, so I was a shoo-in!


Hometown: Silver Spring, MD


When did you join the orchestra (year): 2009



 BM Ball State University,

Graduate studies at Cleveland Institute of Music and Michigan State University.


Favorite saying or motto: Go big or go home!


Pet peeve: People who are oblivious.


Most memorable moment in the orchestra: Playing the contrabassoon for a bunch of dogs! (at our Poma for Pets fundraiser)


Inspirations: My family; the people in my life who have made great sacrifices so that I can pursue my goals as a professional musician. Particularly my mother who is one of the most committed and driven people I know.


Favorite foods: I really enjoy Caribbean cuisine for the blend of sweet and spicy flavors and use of fresh fruit, and Bulgarian cuisine (very similar to Greek) since I'm half Bulgarian and grew up on my Bulgarian grandmother's cooking.


Hobbies: I surf on Lake Michigan (thats right, not SUP or kitesurf ... actual surfing!)


Bad habit: I grind my teeth.


Most influential teachers: Kenneth Pasmanick, who was the long time principal bassoon of the National Symphony Orchestra(1947-1997), was my teacher in high school. He taught me to always have something to say; to have a voice through the music.


Last book you read/what are you reading now? Mo' Meta Blues by Ahmir (?uestlove) Thompson


Favorite pieces of music: One of my favorites is the Alpine Symphony by Richard Strauss. More current: D'Angelo's new album called The Black Messiah


Dream vacation/trip: A surfing tour around the world!

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