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GRSMA Musicians and their Pets
Part One: We've Gone to the Dogs!

GRSMA musicians love their furry family members. While a few of us have cats, birds, and even a tortoise, the majority of GRSMA musicians are dog owners. Here are 13 GRSMA musicians with their adorable canines.

Kristen Aurora Steve.jpg

Aurora and Steve, chilling on the couch with GRSMA violist Kristen Shoup.

Autumn, with GRSMA hornist Paul Austin, before Paul headed to the pit for "The Nutcracker" last month.

Fievel and JoJo, getting into the holiday spirit last month with GRSMA's viola/oboe couple, Mary Jane and Ale Miller.

Hayley and Lillie, on a walk with GRSMA violist Barb Corbato. (Photo Credit: Martin Hogan)

Juniper, shown here with GRSMA bassoonist Andrew Genemans, on Andrew's wedding day. (Photo Credit: Abbey Moore Photography)

Gustav Mahler, named after GRSMA violinist Joachim Stepniewski's favorite composer.

Norby, relaxing at the beach with GRSMA's violin/bass couple, Jenna and Mark Buchner.

Penny, beautifully blending into the colors of the background, with GRSMA violinist Eric Tanner.

Tater Tot, with GRSMA's newly-wedded couple, cellist Andrew Laven and violinist Grace Kim, on their special day! (Photo Credit: Ruth VandenBos-Plaisier)

Winnie, who seems to be GRSMA violinist Susan Mora's lap dog!

Watch for Part Two of this series, in our spring 2024 newsletter, to see the rest of GRSMA's extended family members.

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