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Congratulations to GRSMA's Four Newlyweds!

Four GRSMA musicians said "I do" last summer. Please join us in extending our best wishes to them for harmonious lives together.


GRSMA horn player Rick Britsch and Chandy (Colley) Britsch

Rick Britsch Newlywed.jpg

(Photo credit: Nathan Colley)

GRSMA bassoonist/contrabassoonist Andrew Genemans and Clare DeVeau

Andrew Genemans Newlywed.jpg

(Photo credit: Abbey Moore Photography)

GRSMA cellist Andrew Plaisier and Ruth VandenBos-Plaisier

See Andrew's Musician Profile HERE

Andrew Plaisier Newlywed.jpg

(Photo credit: Jenna Neal Photography)

GRSMA cellist Jinn Shin and Colin Bianchi

See Jinn's Musician Profile HERE

Jinn Shin Newlywed.jpg

(Photo credit: Grace Savanna Photography)

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