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Atlanta Will Rise Again!
Bravo on a Successful Campain to Endow 11 ASO Positions
by Paul Austin - GRS Horn

It is so encouraging to see the good news from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) about the completion of their endowment drive which restores and endows 11 positions in their orchestra.
Just two years ago, GRSMA Musicians donated funds to the ASO Musicians while they were locked out by their management. No doubt that today's recovery of lost positions from that negotiation will be a turning point for the Grammy award-winning orchestra.
The ASO campaign to raise $25 million wrapped up two years ahead of schedule and exceeded their goal amount. Atlanta is home base for Delta Airlines, who donated $2.5 million to complete this drive. ASO Principal Tuba Player Michael Moore (and my colleague on ICSOM's Governing Board) is the proud beneficiary of this gift. His chair has been designated as the Delta Airlines Chair.
To know that the Grand Rapids Symphony soon will be embarking upon a similar drive, as an outcome of our 2014-15 negotiations, is an excellent reason for GRSMA Musicians to be excited about the ASO's news. The campaign here will be to upgrade 8 positions from per service to full time, plus fill 4 open positions in the GRS.
The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra has set an excellent example for all of us. It can be done, and we couldn't be happier for the ASO Musicians.

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