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GRSMA Musicians and Their Pets (Part 2)

While our winter 2024 newsletter article was all about the canines, we now explore beyond that for our second installment of the pets of GRSMA musicians. Meet more of our adorable extended family members, starting with the felines!


First there's Boo, who highly approves of Victoria Olson's bassoon practicing! 

Victoria pet.jpg

Now we meet Klaus, who loves to be held (especially by violinist Christina Fong!).

Lester enjoyed sitting on violinist Chris Martin's lap last December to ask "Santa' for extra catnip in his stocking.

Next, let's explore our blended canine/feline families. We were pleased to discover that they really don't fight like cats and dogs, as the saying goes.


Finn feels safe on the ground and close to percussionist Jack Latta, and kitty Murphy highly approves of Jack's all-black attire.

Max the cat and Emma the dog share a cushion together on the sofa for photographer and trumpeter Carrie Schafer.

Meet more of the Crawford clan! In addition to their five children, violinists Jamie and Megan Crawford have Tori the cat (in front of Jamie) Akiko (the big, crazy and floofy one), and Starlight (the best dog ever, according to Megan!).

Finally, we have some surprises to round out our series of GRSMA musicians and their pets!


Please meet Bao-baoSandy Lo's monk parrot. We wonder if Bao-bao whistles along to Sandy's violin playing?

Cellist Jinn Shin has an Australian Shepherd named Coda and a cockatiel named Frosty. We love that Coda is watching Frosty, who in turn is watching Jinn for this photo!

We end with cellist Alicia Eppinga and her Sulcata tortoise of 10 years, Sulky!

We have enjoyed this feature of the pets of GRSMA, as they bring so much joy to our world. 

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