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Gloria Aukeman


I am a Volunteer with the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra. When I lost my job in 2011 and I was no longer needed in the career I had for 15 years, I decided it was time to do something for me. One of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences for me was to give my time to our fantastic, world class, phenomenal local orchestra. They have enriched my life with their music. I have gladly given them my time in support of their hard work and dedication. I don’t need to be paid but they do. We need to keep quality musicians in our town. We need to show them how much we appreciate them and are willing to support them financially (those who have the money resources to do so) and with time and energy (those of us who do not collect a paycheck but feel honored to give our time). Please don’t let their hard earned efforts to become one of the most highly-regarded professional symphonies in the nation falter because funds are funneled in another direction. We need them. We are Grand Rapids! If anyone deserves to have their salaries increased it is our dedicated musicians who have trained, studied, purchased fine equipment, and give us their heart and soul in sound.


Thank you,

Gloria Aukeman, CTA

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