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Double Bassist Amanda Rice-Johnston rehearsing with the GRS at Carnegie Hall

Call to Assist Double Bass Player Amanda Rice-Johnston


GRSMA is sad to report that Amanda Rice-Johnston, one of the Grand Rapids Symphony's first-call substitute double bass players, suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm on November 19th.

Often ruptured brain aneurysms are fatal, with about one in three victims not surviving the initial brain trauma. It was a miracle that Amanda made it to the hospital in time in Pittsburgh, where she lives, and survived life-saving brain surgery. 

Fortunately, Amanda has health insurance. However, on top of deductibles and co-pays, doctors predict that Amanda will need many months (or perhaps years) of recovery before she can work again as a musician. 

A medical emergency like an aneurysm is a horrific and shocking event for anyone, but it places a unique financial burden on someone like Amanda, whose career as a classical double bassist requires fine motor skills that may take years of careful rehabilitation to recover. 

Please check out this GoFundMe page set up to help Amanda's medical expenses, and please consider making a donation.… 


Amanda has performed with us in Grand Rapids on many occasions, including the GRS tour to Carnegie Hall in April 2018. GRSMA musicians send our very best wishes to Amanda and wish her a full recovery. We hope that she will be able to join us on stage again soon.

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