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The Pets of GRSMA

by Barb Corbató - Viola

Many GRSMA members are devoted animal lovers. We had so many pictures submitted that we decided to feature several in the next few newsletters. Here are just a few of our furry family members and your dose of cute for the day!

 Percussionist Bill Vits’ family cat, Ally, was adopted from a litter that was found under bassist Michael Crawford's porch about 10 years ago. His son, Tabor, chose Ally. Bill taught him to ring a fire bell to eat and he likes a dab of peanut butter in the morning. He climbs on Bill’s chest at night and wakes him in the morning with his hungry meows. In his spare time he enjoys fresh catnip from Bill’s yard.

Kallie, a six year old black Labrador Retriever, is the dog of Violist Barb Corbato. She is an avid supporter of the GRS Musicians and loves listening to Barb practice and teach. Kallie loves to run and swim, participating in dock jumping competitions and chasing tennis balls at every opportunity. She has a sophisticated and broad interest in food, and is especially excited about bananas.

Violinist Eric Tanner’s family has a black rabbit named Basil, who is very social and

likes to hang out with his family.

Crockett, a five year old Black and Tan Coonhound, is the dog of horn player Paul Austin. Paul adopted Crockett from the Humane Society of Kent County. Adoption Counselor Martha Bowman (former GRSMA member) convinced Paul to take him since he hadn't lasted with anyone else.

Paul’s was the 7th home to adopt him, and Crockett is happily in a forever home now. Crockett loves to greet private horn students because that means he gets peanut butter and treats, followed by a nap (how he sleeps through all of that horn playing, Paul will never know!).

This is cellist Vladimir Babin’s wife’s favorite cat, Pushkin. He is male, very fluffy, with silky fur and a strong personality. Pushkin was found when he was about 2-3 weeks old.

Jasmine, 5 years old and Steve, 3 years old, are the dogs of violist Kristen Shoup.

Jazz is a Keeshond and Steve is a Pomeranian.


Check the next newsletter for more cuteness!

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