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Dr. and Mrs. Michael Dickinson


We’re writing to express our support for the musicians of the Grand Rapids Symphony. As frequent season ticket holders, we know first hand the top-notch symphony that we as a city are blessed to have. As a long time music student, I (Sarah) know the dedication, hours of work and innate ability that are required for our musicians to perform at the superior level that they do each and every concert. As believers in our city, we know that our city is elevated by the excellence of our symphony.


We would argue that a top-notch orchestra is not a luxury, but a necessity for a city to be great anywhere in the world today. So we are distressed to hear that our musicians are currently performing without a contract. Our musicians need to know that we appreciate and support them with a contract that allows them to practice and perform without having to worry about making ends meet. We sincerely ask that the Grand Rapids Symphony management team and board work quickly to bring a strong, financially agreeable contract to the negotiating table that our musicians can support and sign.



Dr. and Mrs. Michael Dickinson

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