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Christina Fong - Violin


Your name:

Christina Fong


Your instrument/position in the orchestra:

Violin-Associate Concertmaster


How old were you when you started playing your instrument?







When did you join the orchestra:




Northwestern University BM, MM


In a few words or sentences, how would you describe yourself?


I try to have a good balance of body, mind and spirit. Music for me encompasses these three elements. For me if one lapses then the musical product is not as complete. 


Here are just some things I do to try to keep this balance. I have been a runner for nearly 20 years. I perform and record a great deal of unrecorded works. I spend a lot of time reading about social issues and worked for various political and humanitarian causes.


Favorite saying or motto:

Not necessarily a motto, but I think two John Cage quotes are ingenious.

“Boredom with attention equals becoming interested.”

“Repetition causes tension, repetition causes mention, repetition causes tension,” (repeat over and over again).


Pet peeve:

Brown nosing and passing the buck.


Most memorable moment in the orchestra:

Recording the Donald Erb concertos with Catherine Comet.



I’m inspired by many people, places, stories, events. Pretty much, everyday I’m inspired by someone or something. I’m inspired by those who do good work or work for the good of others. They inspire me to do the same. At the same time, those who do a lousy job and exploit others inspire me to work harder and/or work to counteract their nonsense.


Favorite Movie and/or TV Show:

I have many “favorite” films. It is hard to narrow it down. A few of my favorite directors are Krystof Kieslowski, Patrice Laconte, Akira Kurosawa and Martin Scorcese.


Who would play you in a movie?

I’m told by several people that Sarah Silverman is my “celebrity twin.” I think she is quirky, smart and goofy, so I’m good with that.


Favorite foods:

Indian, vegan dim sum in New York and Hong Kong, fresh sheep cheese from Zakopane, Poland,

Locally, my favorite restaurant are  “Little Africa” (a vegan Ethiopian place), “La Taqueria San Jose” (best vegan and non vegan tacos) and CVLT Pizza (most unique pizzas).



Political activism is something I participate in every day. It could be as involved as working on a campaign or something as small as signing a petition. I don’t consider this to be a hobby, but more like an obligation.


Cooking, running, listening to online lectures, volunteering at Crash’s Landing (a no-kill cat rescue/shelter), gardening on my rooftop and also at a community garden I belong to.


Bad habit:

Rolling my eyes when I think someone is doing or saying something I find stupid or irritating.


Most influential teachers:

My violin teacher at NU Blair Milton.

Not technically my teacher, but I was very green when I first got this job and I would say Catherine Comet


Last book you read/what are you reading now?

Factory Man


Favorite pieces of music:

Too many. My list of favorite composers is even too expansive to list. Today, I have Arnold Schoenberg going through my head.


Dream vacation/trip:

Though I didn’t know at the time that it would be my dream vacation, I had my dream vacation just this last summer in Poland. I can’t wait to go back.

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