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Kathleen Gomez - Oboe/English Horn



Your name:  Kathleen Gomez


Your instrument/position: in the orchestra third oboe/English Horn


How old were you when you started playing your instrument? 14


Hometown: Milwaukee, WI


When did you join the orchestra? 1981



BS in Instrumental Music Education K-12 University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse

MM in Woodwind Instruments University of Michigan-Ann Arbor


What made you choose your instrument?

My older brother Tom, who was my mentor, played a few orchestral recordings for me featuring several different wind instruments. I really enjoyed the began the oboe. He also played the oboe.


In a few words or sentences, how would you describe yourself?

Fun loving, enjoy people, love the arts, animals, and good food.


Favorite saying or motto: Groovy, and what's happenin'.


Pet peeve: people who do not use their blinkers when turning, students that do not practice, walking with tall people, water in a key hole.


Most memorable moment in the orchestra: When I performed the Swan of Tuonela.


Inspirations: great music, new and old.


Favorite Movie and/or TV Show: The Wizard of Oz


Favorite foods: Chicken, Mexican, pasta, and good chocolate


Hobbies: yard sales, gardening, coloring.


Bad habit: talking too much


Most influential teachers: Richard Killmer, Ray Still, Treva Womble


Favorite pieces of music: Too many to list, but give me a good Brahms Symphony,

or a Strauss Tone Poem...


Dream vacation/trip: West Coast


What is your favorite thing about living in Grand Rapids?

Getting the benefits of a big city with small city traffic.


Last words/parting thoughts:

Knowing what GR was like in 1981 and seeing it now, I am amazed at the growth of the city.

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