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Dr. Stephen G. Jones


I urge the Grand Rapids Press to support the musicians of the Grand Rapids Symphony in their pursuit of a fair working agreement with the Grand Rapids Symphony.


Grand Rapids is blessed with a good number of wonderful organizations that bring recognition and notoriety to the community. The Grand Rapids Symphony is one of the city’s most conspicuous treasures. The ongoing quality of the orchestra greatly enhances and impacts the reputation and recognition of Grand Rapids; it significantly enriches the quality of life; it distinguishes Grand Rapids in our state.


The excellence of the orchestra results directly from the level of support that is provided for the performing musicians themselves. To sustain the quality of this Grand Rapids treasure, it is essential that the necessary level of support, monetary and otherwise, for the musicians themselves must be attained. Any support of the symphony musicians themselves is directly reflected in the quality of the Grand Rapids Symphony, and the quality of the Symphony has corresponding manifestations in the “quality of life,” educational, and business climates for the entire community.



Dr. Stephen G. Jones

Professor Emeritus, Western Michigan University

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