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Mary Lou Lovett


My husband, Charles, and I live in Colorado and we often visit our daughter, Jane Lovett, in Grand Rapids.  We are always eager to include the GRSO as a highlight to our visits, Picnic Pops, Holiday specials as well as regularly scheduled performances. Charles and I have attended performances by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, several other symphony orchestras in the United States, and in foreign countries. In our opinion Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra rates as one of the finest. 


One critical component to any orchestra is continuity and commitment of the musicians.  Talented, quality musicians working together regularly and as a team make the symphony. Renowned guest musicians are attracted to the GRSO which is recognized as a highly professional orchestra. Grand Rapids is so fortunate to have committed musicians who are dedicated to this orchestra and love the city and have been willing to make concessions in the past.


I urge you to consider what an asset GRSO and its musicians are to your fast growing, thriving community.  We lived in Grand Rapids for many years and are in awe of how it has grown, become more cosmopolitan and gained national recognition.   The symphony has had a significant impact on your city in attracting new residents, professionals and businesses.  Your dedicated GRSO musicians should have the respect they deserve and be rewarded for their contribution. 



Mary Lou Lovett

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