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Kneeling: Kathy Gomez, Haijin Choi, Suzy Bratton

Standing: Adam Liebert, Jack Latta, Bill Vits, Will Preece, Jenna Buchner, Kristen Shoup, Mary Jane Miller


Match the 2020 Resolutions with its GRSMA Musician


2020 is here. A new year and a new decade.

We asked several GRSMA Musicians about their resolutions for the new year, shown above in a toast to 2020. 

But how well do you know us? See if you can match the musician with their resolution for 2020.

(Answers provided at GRSMA's Facebook page:Grand Rapids Symphony Musicians Association)


1) To get more involved in my public school district's curriculum and policies. 


2) My real, main resolution is that 2020 will the year without a surgery!


3) I want to do a push up.


4) To eat healthier and reduce the amount of sugar and junk food.


5) Continue to use instrumental music to bring all people together while drowning out the divisive words that drive many people apart.


6) To not wear yoga pants to the school bus stop.


7) To volunteer for a presidential campaign.


8) To try to be more effective, such as getting things done, be less daunted, following through, and less procrastination.


9) To worry less and practice more.


10) To continue my research about the GRS musicians. At the moment I have from the early years until 1976, and I hope to venture into the 1980s soon.

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