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The Extraordinary Musicians

of the Grand Rapids Symphony


Not all of the supporters of the Grand Rapids Symphony are necessarily aware of exactly how many years of training it takes to be able to play in a top orchestra like ours.  You may also not realize the tremendous cost of the musical education required to gain such a high level of skill on our instruments.  We would also like you to know how many hours of individual practice outside of rehearsals that each of us devotes on a weekly basis, in order to bring you performances of the highest quality.


There are currently four contract levels for the musicians of the Grand Rapids Symphony, based on how many services they are expected to play.  However, no matter what their contract level, all have devoted a great number of years of training, at great cost, to gain the technical and artistic expertise required to play in an orchestra of this caliber. Everyone in the Grand Rapids Symphony plays at a very high level or we would not be able to provide the quality performances we do. 

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