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Happy New Year!

The GRSMA family wishes you all be best in 2017

Chloe and Fiona Bratton, daughters of Principal Clarinet Suzy and Jason Bratton and Iris and Leo Eppinga, daughter and son of Principal Cello Alicia Eppinga and Section Violin Jim Eppinga, ring in the New Year with enthusiasm!

Assistant Principal Bass Michael Hovnanian and his son Armen - cruising into 2017!

Three Amigos on the beach in Playa del Carmen! Section Horn Paul Austin,

Greg Crowell (sporting a stylish GRSMA t-shirt!), and David Howard welcome 2017 in warm weather!

Principal Viola, Leslie Van Becker, husband Ed Clifford and their grown kids Genevieve

and Matt wishing everyone a happy 2017!

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