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Victoria Olson - Bassoon


Your name: Victoria Olson


Your instrument/position in the orchestra: Bassoon/Contrabassoon


How old were you when you started playing your instrument? 13


Hometown: Kansas City, KS


When did you join the orchestra: 2016


Favorite saying or motto: “Just do it.”


Favorite Movie and/or TV Show: New Girl, anything Disney!


Favorite foods: Oysters


Hobbies: soccer, racquetball, fishing, skiing


Most influential teachers: Daniel Matsukawa, principal bassoonist of Philadelphia Orchestra and Nancy Goeres, principal bassoonist of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Eric Stomberg, professor at Interlochen Arts Academy.


Dream vacation/trip: Anywhere with a beautiful beach 


What is your favorite thing about living in Grand Rapids? Bell’s Bewery

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