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Rev. Dr. A. Edward and Shirley Perkins


Here in Grand Rapids, we are blessed with an outstanding symphony orchestra. It brings joy to thousands of people and greatly improves the quality of our community life.


I am troubled that our excellent musicians are having to work without a contract. Six years ago during an economic downturn, our musicians gave up salary and benefits. Given the economic growth our area is experiencing, it seems only fair and just that our musicians be more adequately compensated.


In order to attract and retain excellent musicians for our orchestra, we must be willing to compensate them fairly. These musicians contribute to the health and vitality of our community in many ways. Our family has been enriched not only by the concerts, but also by the outreach of the GRSO in area schools.   It would be a great loss to our community to see the GRSO shrink in size and quality.


We have a great city with a great orchestra! Let’s keep it that way! Please support the musicians in our Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra by encouraging the Symphony management to come to an agreement on a contract that shows our musicians that we appreciate their contribution to our community life.


Rev. Dr. A. Edward and Shirley Perkins

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