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More Pets of GRSMA

by Barb Corbató - Viola


Here we have our second installment of Pets of GRSMA. Our animal loving musicians enjoy sharing their stories and pictures with you. Enjoy your daily dose of cute!

Daisy, 1 year old, is the dog of cellist Steve Van Ravenswaay. She is a pure bred mixed breed with bits of collie, terrier, and more. Her favorite pastimes are: watching geese out the patio doors and barking at squirrels. She also enjoys chasing her favorite purple ball, but will put in a good effort for just about any ball if you want to throw it!

Sterling Jenkins, violin, and Heather Storeng, viola, have a cat named Renneo, whose name is derived from the Spanish word "Renrenier" which means "purr." They waited for nearly two weeks to name him, wanting to choose something that reflected his nature. He purred ALL the time, which is how he got his name. He was adopted from a rescue organization that finds homes for feral kittens

Twelve year old Sparky, or Sparkle as he is nicknamed, is the dog of Principal Clarinet Suzy Bratton. In this picture he is with Suzy’s daughter, Fiona, then 5. Sparky was rescued at the intersection of Fuller and Fulton Roads two days before a very cold Christmas in 2004.  He is a big snuggler and wonderful companion for Suzy’s family.

Violinist Collette Vandenberg recently adopted a 10 year old senior cat from the Humane Society. The personable cat has yet to pose for a picture, but Collette has this to say about her feline: “I will eventually name my kitty Naomi (nickname Mi Mi), but right now her name is ‘Stinkerbelle.’ Why, you might ask? Because, despite my having 3 scratching post/pad options, she still chooses to use my furniture. I have clipped her fingernails, and may add some sassy, sparkly pink nail covers - on a trial basis. She is an adorable brown tabby, with expressive, big green eyes. She's a loving sweetie, too.”

Eddy, age 4, is the Bishon-Shitzu/Poodle of violinist Caroline Freihofer.  He is a teddy bear, who is Caroline’s shadow all day. He likes to listen to her students and herself playing the violin.  Except for his explosive barking when he sees the neighbor's cat he is a sweetie.

Bass Trombone Bob Ward has a beautiful mix named Eddie. Eddie likes to be active with Bob, but also enjoys a good nap.

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