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by Diane Helle - GRS Violin


On July 10th, a beautifully warm Sunday afternoon and the weekend before the start of the GRS Picnic Pops season, GRSMA hosted the Grand Rapids Symphony family picnic at Townsend Park, not far from Cannonsburg Ski Area. Reviving an old GRS musician tradition, the family picnic was a chance for musicians, GRS staff, board members and families to gather with just a single purpose in mind – to have a good time. And that we did. While the children spent much of their afternoon on the playground, the adults chatted and enjoyed the lovely view from the hilltop picnic shelter.


Thanks to everyone who came and contributed the many delicious dishes for the potluck. Special thanks also to GRSMA's Josh Schlachter, who oversaw all the planning and who proved to be a fine Grillmeister.


Here are a few pictures. In all the fun, we didn't get snapshots of all our kids playing (or one of our baseball-cap-wearing Board Chair, Kate Pew Wolters), but it is clear from these that a good time was had by all.

Alicia Eppinga (cello) and Christine Golden (violin) dropping off their dishes. Background: David Wheeler (violin) and

Beth Colpean (harp) organizing.

Michael Hovnanian (bass) and Armen (instrument TBA) with Chris (violin) and Laura Martin

Tim Liang (GRS board member) conferring with Peter Kjome (GRS president/CEO)

Ruth (flute) and Gorden Bylsma, Beth Colpean (harp), Cindy Kaczmarczyk

Diane (violin) and Todd (“musician of last resort”) Helle, Brandon Colpean

Ed Clifford (flute/sax), Scott Borton, and Bill Vits (percussion)

Josh Schlachter (violin), grillmeister

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