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Symphonic Metamorphosis

 by Barbara Corbató - GRS Viola

GRSMA would like to wish Peter Kjome best wishes as he moves to Maryland to assume the position of President/CEO of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Peter has been with the GRS a total of sixteen years- 8 years as an oboist, and after several years working outside the orchestra business, returning as President/CEO of the GRS for the last 8 years. We thank Peter for his service to the organization. To read more about Peter Kjome’s time at the GRS, read this article at the Symphony’s website. 
As we bid farewell to Peter Kjome, we welcome Peter Perez to the GRS administration, as he assumes the role of Interim President/CEO while a search is in progress for a permanent replacement. Peter Perez is a current GRS Board member, former Board Chair and experienced business leader. We greatly look forward to working with Peter Perez during this time of administrative transition and thank him for his willingness to serve in this capacity. More information about Peter Perez is included in the following article here.
New GRSMA member Jack Latta joined the Grand Rapids Symphony in November, after winning a National Audition. Jack will be moving to Grand Rapids from Kansas City in early 2017. We look forward to working with and getting to know our newest percussion colleague. Look for a profile of Jack in the next GRSMA Newsletter!

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