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Symphonic Metamorphosis


Assistant Principal Cello, Jeremy Crosmer will be departing the GRS to join the Detroit Symphony at the end of the season. While we will miss him, we congratulate him and wish him all the best on the other side of the state.


Recently several auditions were held, and hearty congratulations go to the following current and new members of the orchestra:


Victoria Olson won the recent Principal Bassoon audition. Victoria has been acting principal this season but now officially moves to that position after holding the Contra/3rd Bassoon and then the Assistant Principal/2nd Bassoon positions.


Charley Lea won the recent Principal Trumpet audition. Charley has been acting principal since 2015 but now officially moves to that position from the Second Trumpet position.


Patti Garvey won the recent Section Cello audition. Patti has already started playing in the orchestra and will be moving to Grand Rapids in the Fall from Chicago.


Paul Torrisi won the recent Second Trumpet audition. Paul will be joining us after he finishes his degree at Cleveland Institute of Music this Spring.

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